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Chip Beyt


A native of South Louisiana from New Iberia, most of Chip's time outside of school was spent outdoors either on the bayou or helping his dad at the farm. This led to an appreciation of the outdoors, and a desire to be in it and to create great outdoor spaces for people to enjoy.

After graduating from RRSLA in May 2014, Chip set out on a 7-year journey to explore the many facets of landscape architecture. During this time, he held a variety of positions in the states of Texas, California, and Colorado, with extensive travel across the American and Canadian west as a manufacturer’s rep. These diverse professional and cultural experiences shaped a new perspective on design, the environment, and the roles landscape architects play in creating a healthier planet and better human experience.

In returning to a more typical role as a landscape architect, Chip's goal is to push the envelope of sustainability and modernism in a place that has historically been more on the traditional side of things. Chip looks forward to taking a human-centric approach to projects while utilizing natural systems and new technologies to ensure an enjoyable and sustainable result.

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