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Aurora Gutierrez


Aurora is an architect from northern Nicaragua, where forests, mountains, and flora are abundant. Living in an environment with such an abundance of nature gave her a worldview in which humanity’s creations and Earth’s beauty would harmonize.


This vision and desire for unity led her to study architecture in Managua, Nicaragua, and then to earn her master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Barcelona. She found herself practicing landscape architecture on the pacific coast of Nicaragua and Panama where she was able to marry the natural beauty of the coastline and the ocean to many institutional and residential projects. After nearly seven years of practice in Central America, Aurora started an internship with the LSU AgCenter Hammond Research Station where she gained specific knowledge of Louisiana’s soils and the various plant species native to the state. This invaluable knowledge gave her the tools to practice uniting her current Louisiana environment with her role at Reich Landscape Architecture.


Aurora considers that the landscape has an essential sociocultural value for life and the environment. She believes that green infrastructure is an inclusive and significant effective tool to achieve connectivity between humans and nature. With all this, she knows that through territorial planning, one can build spaces in which the land and the living beings that inhabit it constitute a unit.

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