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West Feliciana Parish Hospital

The West Feliciana Parish Hospital was completed in 2017 and is a proper 21st-century hospital that sets a precedent for rural hospitals throughout the state. Reich Landscape Architecture worked closely with the project team and client to provide a design that holistically addresses the hospital’s goals throughout the project site. The project takes thematic inspiration from the hospital’s branding, the hummingbird, and activates the five senses throughout the site.

Three main areas began to take shape for the project. The first is the dining plaza-anchored by two runnels, leading users from inside to outside toward a focal wall that acts as a screening element. An allée of trees provides shade and comfort for dining or a place of respite in the summer.

The second area is the hummingbird garden, a perennial garden that provides focal elements outside the patient rooms. It is organized around a creek bed initially designed to capture and treat the stormwater from the roof as it meanders to the site’s detention area.

The final element is a walking trail system around the campus that provides an amenity for patients and employees to take breaks and exercise throughout the day.


St. Francisville, LA

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Grace Hebert Architects

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