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Rouzan Farm

The Rouzan Silo Farm was designed as the centerpiece for the Rouzan Community, a traditional neighborhood development on an infill tract that was once a family farm. The Silo farm was designed in the shadows of two iconic silos, a reflection of the agricultural DNA of the land. Reich worked closely with the owner, community, and contractor to ensure the successful design and construction of this project. The objectives were to promote sustainability and reconnect the community with the land, and they were achieved through the Silo Farm’s community-focused programming. Food plots provide the community with opportunities to engage with one another and to produce their own organically grown fruits and vegetables. In addition, areas were designed for cooking classes and special events. In encouraging this stewardship and community connection, the Silo Farm promotes healthy lifestyles and improves the overall quality of life for residents in the community.


Baton Rouge, LA

Year completed



Engquist Development

Team members


LCASLA Merit Award

Nov 4, 2022

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