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City Hall Plaza

City Hall Plaza's redesign is the most recently completed component of downtown Baton Rouge's new ‘Central Green,’ a unified system of greenspaces connecting civic and cultural attractions. With its central location in Baton Rouge's urban core, City Hall Plaza now successfully links Galvez Plaza, Repentance Park, the Old State Capitol, North Boulevard Town Square, the River Center, and City Hall. For years, this shared space was a sea of paved surfaces with little shade and rigid planters, prohibiting accessibility and deterring a smooth, intuitive flow between important sites. Deep collaboration and communication between clients, contractors, and the design team were vital in negotiating the challenging and complex site conditions to successfully construct the new and more open space. City Hall Plaza's revitalization has strengthened the growing network of greenspaces in downtown Baton Rouge, providing users with ease of mobility and an inviting destination to attend events or rest and people-watch.


Baton Rouge, LA

Year completed



City of Baton Rouge

Team members

Reed Hilderbrand

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March 8, 2019

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