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Bocage Residence

Crafted through a meticulous two-year process in close collaboration with the client, this residential design seamlessly blends contemporary elements with timeless traditional aesthetics, resulting in a picturesque and enchanting landscape for the homeowners and their guests to enjoy.

The front yard showcases an inviting guest parking area along the street, complemented by a garden path that gracefully guides visitors to the front door, meandering amidst the presence of three majestic live oak trees and lush plantings. Crossing an open lawn, the path is adorned on both sides by elegant stone planters. The front porch is enhanced by the addition of an antique sugar kettle fountain, offering both ornamental intrigue and the soothing sounds of water.

The rear patio serves as a direct gateway to a strip of well-manicured lawn encompassing the pool, adorned with wide bluestone coping. The pool area's focal point is an exquisite, raised planting bed, featuring a figurative sculpture in classical style, creating a captivating termination point for the poolside view. A gravel path leads around the new addition of the home, guiding visitors to a standalone spa and a cozy breakfast nook. Continuing behind the pool, an intimate, elevated vegetable garden awaits, completing this harmonious outdoor sanctuary.

This thoughtfully designed landscape presents a captivating blend of functionality and visual appeal. It provides an inviting sanctuary that encourages relaxation, recreation, and a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature.


Baton Rouge, LA

Year completed



Private resident

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